Production Basics

Production Basics has created ergonomic workstations and accessories to help people be more productive. Their goods are developed to bring productivity, professionalism, and efficiency to your material handling, laboratory, or manufacturing workplace. Since 1995 they have been committed to creating the best ergonomic solutions for manufacturers in all industries who demand flexible and reliable workstations with a wide range of accessories.

Production Basics

It started from a small 5,000 square feet workstation with less than five employees and has since grown to 60,000 square feet with sites throughout North America, Mexico, and Europe. The integrated factory in Billerica manufactures all goods from raw materials.

Production Basics is a firm that provides full assembly solutions for each and every production need. From metal fabrication, powder coating and wood lamination to workbenches, carts and accessories, Production Basics has the ability to provide their customers with everything they need for production more efficiently. Production Basics is completely vertically integrated, so they have total command of all manufacturing processes, perfect if you want some degree of customization.

They have full capabilities internally which means better product availability, greater quality control and the ability to offer customized workbenches, carts and accessories.